Fleet and Commercial

2015 Ram 2500 CNG


Once the advantages were measured, the logic was as clear as the product itself. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) offered compelling reasons for consideration as the second fuel source for the dual-fuel 2015 Ram 2500. Canada is one of the world's largest producers and exporters of natural gas. Natural gas is a smart energy. Abundantly available, clean and affordable, natural gas is a safe and reliable energy choice. CNG demonstrates a reduction of smog-producing pollutants, and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Recalibration of the 5.7L HEMI® VVT V8 was accomplished with no compromise in what Ram 2500 was built for: no-nonsense work. This is a truck designed and manufactured with the ability and capability to meet the need.

The Ram 2500 CNG manufacturing process drives it home: your Ram CNG system is installed right at the factory, ensuring the highest level of quality – measured and reflected in 2 warranties that cover every aspect of the fuel system and the powertrain. Best of all, the integrated design and manufacturing process ensures a minimal order-to-delivery time frame.

Ram 2500 CNG features include:

Did You Know...?


[1] Your actual driving range will vary depending on driving habits, regularly scheduled maintenance and other factors. Based on highway fuel economy ratings.